Dell Hell

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Dell sucks!

I know I am not the first and certainly won't be the last to receive shitty customer service from Dell. But, since it has been such a frustrating experience, I thought I would take out some of those frustrations by blogging.

In November I purchased a computer system from Dell. Much to my delight, it arrived at my house in just a few days. Unfortunately, the USB ports did not work and the quality of the monitor really sucked. The viewsonic flat screen that I have from 1999 is better than the new flat screens from Dell! And, because the USB ports weren't working, I couldn't transfer all my files from my old computer to the new. After a few evenings on hold with Dell customer support (all of which got me nowhere) I decided to return the computer.

I called Dell the next day, was put on hold forever, but was then given a confirmation number for the return and was told when to expect DHL at my door. DHL showed up on schedule, gave me two tracking numbers and off went the cpu and monitor.

Somehow, the computer arrived at Dell, but the monitor never did. Both Dell and DHL confirmed that both boxes left my possession on 12/6/04 at 6 pm, yet to this day, more than one month later, Dell will not refund my money. I have spent countless hours on the phone with innumerable customer service reps, yet no one can tell me when I will get the credit on my credit card. But, they all confirm that I followed Dell's return directions to the letter and they have not doubt that I no longer have the computer at my house. Dell says that until the recover the money from DHL, they can't give me a refund. So how is it that two, billion-dollar organizations can't seem to come up with a $1,600 credit for some poor sucker like me?

Fortunately, my credit card company is willing to work with me and is not holding me to the charge because they know it's in dispute.

Suffice to say, I will never buy a Dell computer again.

Anyone have any thoughts on HP/Compaq? How is their customer service?